Map: Military situation in Nihm, Hazm and Sirwah fronts; The humiliating defeat of the Saudi coalition on the Nihm front by AnsarAllah

Monday 27 January 2020 - 04:43

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah defeated Saudi coalition operation in a few days in east of Sanaa by defending bravely and smart attacks and then by a series of decisive counterattacks liberated large areas of the Nihm and Marib fronts from the occupation of the Saudi coalition forces.

According to the latest reports and information provided by our sources in the region, the status of the fronts is as follows:

1. Nihm:
– Ansar Allah repelled Saudi coalition heavy attacks in this axis and with a counterattack in south of Fardha and north of Sanaa road, Ansar Allah could advance and liberate areas such as Salta mountain, al-Houl mountain, al-Houl, Harem mountain, Wadi Malah, al-Malah and Fardhat base and areas until al-Jawf crossroad.

– Following these advances, Ansar Allah forces advanced east of Fardhah and along the Sanaa-Hazm road, extending the range of advances to northwest of the Marib province and entered Majzar district by liberating areas of Sahari. Talbis, Umm Salm.
Advances in this axis also eventually led to the liberation of Baraghash on the border between Marib and al-Jawf province.

2. Hazm:
– The main direction of engagements in this front is toward east of Motun and Maslub districts and Ansar Allah’s firm defense lines blocked Saudi-led forces attacks in the area.
On January 26, Ansar Allah’s attacks in south of Hazm have intensified and this could be a sign for advances toward the Hazm city. Following the Ansar Allah’s attacks, Saudi coalition warplanes bombed these areas 32 times.

3. Sirwah:
– The Saudi coalition’s attacks in the Sirwah area appear to be aimed at diminishing the concentration of Ansar Allah forces. But Ansar Allah made serious trouble to logistics of Saudi coalition in this axis by attacking al-Kasarat and Hilan crossroad.
– It is said that AnsarAllah claimed Kufil base in east of Sirwah but no confirmation about it yet.
– On the other hand, according to the latest information, Saudi coalition forces took over large areas of the Hilan Mountain.

Note: Areas marked with black markings have been liberated in recent days by Ansar Allah operations.

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