Latest updates on Yemen, 20 March 2020

Saturday, 21 March 2020 - 10:49

Latest news from the Marib, al-Jawf, al-Hudaydah fronts

1. Marib:
– After Mansoor Hadi’s forces retreated from mount and base Kufil, AnsarAllah did not enter Kufil base, since they expected heavy airstrike by Saudi coalition and took position in the surrounding heights. Also the clashes in the east of Sirwah still continues.
– Yemeni armed forces spokesperson reported of repelling Saudi coalition warbirds using Fatir air defense system.

2. Al Hudaydah:
– Mansoor Hadi’s forces commander in al Hudaydah reported of stopping their obligations regarding the al Hudaydah ceasefire and canceling their collaboration with joint committee of observing the ceasefire.
– AnsarAllah forces in an ambush in ِDurayhimi could destroy a military vehicle and killed several the Giants Brigades forces (Qowwat al-Amaliqa, subordinates of Saudi coalition), including general al-Shabuti.
– Saudi coalition forces bombed Durayhimi town with mortar ten times.

3. Discords intensified between Southerners and Mansoor Hadi’s forces:
– Recently Southerners and Mansoor Hadi’s forces engagements increased in south fronts and according to Mansoor Hadi’s officials the zero hour of operation to control Aden is approaching. Saudis in contradicting stance support them militarily and also persuade them to negotiate and implement Riyadh agreement.
– Sporadic engagements between Southerners and Mansoor Hadi’s forces in Crater area.

4. Al Jawf:
Saudi coalition warplanes bombed districts Khab and Shaaf 19 times.

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