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Report: The statistics of damages imposed on Yemen during the five years of war
Middle East, News, Yemen 26 March 2020

ISWNews Analysis Group: The human rights center of Ain al-Insaniah published statistics of damages and casualties to Yemen after Saudi coalition invasion, in a press conference.

This center stated:
– The number of killed (martyrs) and wounded people during the five years of war in Yemen have risen to 42582.
– The number of killed (martyrs) are 16618 persons that include 3725 children and 2357 women.
– The number of wounded persons are 25964, that 3942 of them are children and 2721 are women.
– The number of damaged and destructed infrastructures and establishments are 8610.
– The Saudi coalition attacks have led to destruction and damage 15 airports, 16 ports, 297 power stations and 520 communication station network.
– 1990 depots and networks of water, 1953 governmental establishments and 3819 roads and bridges have been targeted and destructed.
– The 458061 houses and 468229 of service establishments have been destructed and damaged.
– 173 academic establishments, 1336 mosques, 357 tourism establishments and 385 hospitals and sanitary centers have been destroyed.
– 1072 school and training center, 6456 agricultural ground, 120 sport establishments, 241 tourism sites and 46 media centers have been targeted and destroyed.
– 21462 economic establishments have been destroyed and targeted.
– 351 factories, 286 fuel tankers, 10910 commercial center and 394 livestock and aviculture centers have been destroyed and damaged.
– 6404 vehicles, 456 fishing boats, 866 food depots, 387 fuel stations, 668 markets and 738 food trucks have been destroyed.


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