Latest Updates on Yemen, 25 April 2020

Saturday, 25 April 2020 - 21:31

Latest news from the Yemeni frontlines

1. Yemeni armed forces spokesman:
– During the past 24 hours, enemy warplanes have carried out 29 airstrikes on the Marib, Al Jawf, Saadah, Dhale and Sanaa provinces.
– These attacks have included 12 attacks on the Majzar district, 4 attacks on Sarwah district, 6 attacks on the Khab and al-Shaaf districts, 4 attacks on the Rasah village in the Dhale province, 2 attacks on Kataf district and one attack on Hamdan district.

2. Al Baydhaa:
The Aqba Tharah area is under the control of Ansar Allah, and the Saudi coalition forces attack in this axis, was failed.
In general, Mukayris is located higher than the Lowdar and controlling the Tharah heights determines the upper hand in the region.

3. Al Hudaydah:
During past 24 hours, Saudi coalition forces have violated the ceasefire 67 times.

4. Marib:
The advancing of Saudi coalition forces toward the Jawf crossroad isn’t true and the conflict line is located in the al-Jufrah area.

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