Syria : Sher Mughar observation post start to evacuate

Thursday 5 November 20 - 14:30

ISWNews Analysis Group: On November 4, Turkish forces started evacuating Sher Mughar observation post in northwest of Hama to deliver it to Syrian army.

In recent weeks the Morek observation post, the biggest Turkish observation post in north of Hama, was evacuated and delivered to Syria.

After evacuating Morek observation post, there are still seven observation posts and four to five military posts of Turkish army in Syrian government controlled lands. The observation posts that are currently under siege by the Syrian army are Sher Mughar observation post, Surman observation post, Tal Al-Tawqan observation post, Al-Eis observation post, Al-Rashedin observation post, Andan observation post and Jabal Sheikh Aqil observation post. Military posts are also located in Ma’ar Hatat, around Saraqeb and in Al-Zarba.

Turkey is abandoning some of its observation posts in Syria’s Idlib

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