Syria: Turkish army evacuates al-Rashedin observation post

Thursday 26 November 2020 - 14:38

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish troops stationed at the al-Rashedin observation post in the south of Aleppo city began evacuating the post and handing it over to the Syrian army.

In recent days, the Turkish army has also begun preparations to evacuate the Andan observation south of Nubl and al-Zahra.

In recent weeks, the Turkish military has been evacuating its military and observation posts in areas controlled by the Syrian army and moving its forces and equipment into the militant-held areas of Idlib.

So far, and in a period of about 40 days, the observation posts of Morek, Sher Mughar, Sheikh Aqil have been vacated by the Turkish army.

On the other hand, a Turkish military delegation visited the village of Kansafra yesterday to consider establishing a new military post in southern Idlib. In recent weeks, the Turkish military has set up new military posts in the Idlib region in parallel with the evacuation of military and observation posts. Currently, the Turkish army has established about 50 illegal military posts outside the framework of the Astana agreement in various parts of Idlib.

View Turkish military posts in Idlib on the online map

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