The Fifth Protest of “Great March of Return” in Palestine; Two Palestinians Were Martyred

Sunday, 13 May 2018 - 20:27

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday, the seventh Palestinian rallies were held against the Zionist occupation with the presence of thousands of people from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

During the seventh major rally of the “Great March of Return” which was held throughout the lands of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, two Palestinians, Jabar abu Mustafa (40 years old) and Jamal Afanah (15 years old) were martyred by direct shootings of Zionist troops.

Jamal Afanah martyred on Saturday evening of wounds he sustained when he was shot and critically injured by Israeli forces on Friday.

Also, about 730 people were injured in the protests.


The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza on Saturday published a comprehensive statistics of the number of martyrs and injured people as a result of the use of deadly force against the participants in the great march of return on the borders of the Gaza Strip since 30 March.


Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the ministry: “The use of lethal force against the peaceful participants in the march of return since March 30 has led to the martyrdom of 48 martyrs, including 5 children and 2 journalists, and the injury of 9520 citizens, including more than 900 children and 400 women and 200 crews Medical and 110 journalists and still 170 serious cases and 24 amputations in the parties until the moment. “


The “Great March of Return” protests will continue until the 70th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine by Israeli regime in May 25th.

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