The Black Monday, Gaza Drowns in Blood; Transferring the US Embassy to Quds

Tuesday 15 May 2018 - 20:38

Islamic World News Analysis Group: At the 70th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine, the U.S. government in a completely provocative act moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem after 70 years.

This action of United States of America, which means the total domination of Israel on Quds, destroyed the compromise & strategy negotiation between the two states and enraged the people of Palestine.


The people of Palestine, on march 30, established a set of camps, “Return Camps”, in Gaza strip and demanded their return to their motherland.


Yesterday, the brutality & barbarism of Zionists and their Arab and western allies, reached to its highest level.
Millions of Palestinians gathered for the “Great March of Return” protest in Gaza strip, and the Zionists responded with their direct fire, which led to the martyrdom of 55 people and 2700 severly injured Palestinians. Among the injuries, there are 6 teenager & 225 children.


The Israelis in their crimes & brutality, showed absolutely no mercy and fired at “Rescue Groups”, and martyred two of their personnel.


In light of these barbaric actions, “The Resistance” responded firmly, vowing the payback of these crimes as soon as possible.

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