Latest Updates on the “Great March of Return” in occupied Palestine from Today Morning until Now

Monday, 14 May 2018 - 19:07

The “Great March of Return” protests takes place every year by Palestinians in the whole occupied lands and in western bank of Jordan river and Gaza strip on March 30 to May 15, occupation date of Palestine in 70 years ago.


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Israeli bulldozers from an hour ago reached “Return Tents” in south of Gaza strip and are destroying them.

These tents are weekly gathering point for people of Gaza strip during the past months and Zionists demand people to leave these tents using speakers.

Before these events people of Gaza strip determined to gather in millions in protest to opening of US embassy in Quds.

Today afternoon at 16, the ceremony of opening of US embassy starts.




Zionists using napalm grenades set some of the tents on fire in region Jibaliya in north of Gaza.

Palestinian youths took control of the fire and did not allow it to spread.



?People of Gaza strip attacked barbed wires of the border with occupied Palestine and entered the occupied Palestine.



?Breaking news

Seven people of Gaza have been martyred with Zionists direct fire.




Zionists’ killing machine does not stop/ 16 Palestinians have been martyred so far by direct fire.



?So far 30 Palestinians have been martyred.



?So far 53 Palestinians have been martyred.




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