Latest Updates on Al Jawf, 5 February 2021

Friday, 5 February 2021 - 18:52

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi-led forces launched heavy attacks against Ansar Allah positions in Al Jawf province.

The latest updates on Al Jawf province indicate that Saudi coalition launched a heavy attack in east of Maraziq and Dhahrah since yesterday which hasn’t been successful due to Ansar Allah resistance, thus no change in front lines so far.
Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Dhahrah area eight times and Salbah area two times in Khab and Shaaf district. The coalition artillery shelled AnsarAllah positions in east of Maraziq and Khanjar base.

Following cleansing Maas base and controlling most of Marib-Sanaa road, Ansar Allah has ceased the attacks in Marib and Al Jawf fronts even after troops were deployed to the fronts. It has several reasons including change international coalition stance on supporting Saudi coalition, Southerners goals from normalizing relation with Israel, etc. which will be explained more.

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