Negotiation in Marib, decision in Riyadh!

Sunday, 8 March 2020 - 22:12

Ansar Allah has made some suggestions to Hadi government officials in Marib, by the UN special envoy; and in other meeting in Riyadh, the military officials of former government and Saudi coalition are checking the recent developments in al-Jawf and west of Marib.

UN envoy in Yemen Martin Griffits has recently traveled to Marib and has had an important meeting with Mansoor Hadi’s resigned government officials.
According to some officials of the resigned government, in this meeting Griffits beside presenting the Ansar Allah suggestions, has informed of their non withdrawal from the al-Jawf and the Nihm fronts.
In his media remarks he also has demanded stopping the Ansar Allah operations and unconditional negotiation. In this regard, Muhammad Abdusalam spokesman and negotiator of Ansar Allah has announced stopping the attacks and ending the Yemen blockade, as a solution for starting the political negotiations; and has rejected any plan except this base.
Before this on Friday in Riyadh, high officials of Mansoor Hadi’s former government like Ali Mohsen Ahmar (vice president and armed forces commander successor ), Muhammad Ali Maqadashi (secretary of defense), Saghir Bin Aziz (commander of army), Sultan Al Aradah (Marib governor), Sheikh Al Akimi and … have had important meeting with Saudi coalition military officials; and it’s be said these officials have checked confronting with Ansar Allah and recapturing the lost regions in al-Jawf, west of Marib and Sanaa.
Most probably, last night’s air strikes on the Al Salif port that was the clear violation of the Sweden agreement, has been also a part of this meeting results.
Now we should see what is the Ansar Allah answer, and the situation in Yemen will be led to the end of Sweden agreement or an operation in the Marib!
As it seems,there is no negotiation…

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