Ansar Allah’s Operation Against Saudi Coalition, West of Al Jawf Province

Wednesday, 7 August 2019 - 18:05

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson reported there is an operation by Ansar Allah and Popular Committees against Saudi coalition in Khab and Shaaf district.

The operation names as “Loyalty to Martyrs” is performed in 2 axes:
1. Al Waar heights.
2. Salilah heights until Wadi Madrak (east of Hazm-Boqah road)
In this operation 37 points in the two axes are liberated from Saudi coalition forces.
More than 41 Saudi coalition troops are killed and tens wounded also 24 military and armored vehicles destroyed by Ansar Allah.
In this operation, Dahm tribes (located west of Al Jawf) supported Ansar Allah and Popular Committees.

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