Saudi-led forces large retreat in southwest of al-Jawf

Wednesday, 1 April 2020 - 10:31

ISWNews Analysis Group: After Saudi-led coalition defense line collapsed in east of al-Hazm, coalition forces are retreating from al-Jawf fronts.

After several days of heavy battle and Ansar Allah’s decisive attacks, Saudi-led coalition forces retreated from areas Sayl, Andar, Barsh mountain and Arfaj, and also al-Labanat base.
Ansar Allah attacked al-Aqsha’ mountain and it is expected advances continue in Marib province soon.

It is said that Mansoor Hadi forces along with forces from tribes Murad and Obaidah are deployed to al-Jawf to reclaim the lost areas and battle is continuing and the advances are not fully stabilized yet.

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