Latest updates on al Jawf front, 8 April 2020

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 - 12:28

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi coalition forces launched a wide attack against Ansar Allah in east of al-Hazm.

Mansoor Hadi forces with help of several tribes from Marib and Saudi coalition air support attacked base al-Labanat and heights al-Aqsha’, al-Barash and Arfaj.
Labanat base is in control by Ansar Allah but considering the Saudi coalition amount of fire on it, probably it will fall.

We don’t have any confirmed news from our sources in north of al Jawf and recapturing Khanjar base cannot be confirmed yet.

Engagements in districts Khab and Shaaf are still continuing and in the past 24 hours so far, Saudi coalition warbirds performed 15 airstrikes.

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