Weekly report on Marib and al-Jawf fronts, 7 to 14 February (Map Update)

Sunday, 14 February 2021 - 17:58

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah operations continue against the positions of the Saudi-led coalition forces in different fronts of Marib and al-Jawf provinces.

According to the latest news from the Yemeni fronts in recent weeks, Ansar Allah has focused its attacks on four axes in the district of Khab al-Shaaf in al-Jawf province and the district of Raghwan, east of Sarwah and east of Madghal in Marib province.

Al-Jawf front:
In this front, clashes in the areas of east al-Maraziq and al-Khanjar camp continue as in the past, and Ansar Allah has only increased the volume of its surprise attacks, aiming to inflict heavy casualties and destroy the manpower of the Saudi coalition.
The pro-Ansarallah sources frequently mention the areas of Dahidhah, Shahla and al-Haydh mountains as the advance of Ansar Allah, which is not true. According to our information, Dahidhah area has been under the control of Ansar Allah in the past and the contact line is currently in Al-Nodhoud, Shahla and al-Haydh mountains, and the lines on these fronts have not changed in the last months.

The scattered clashes also continue in the Yatmah area.

Saudi coalition warplanes have bombed al-Jawf fronts three times in the past week.

Al-Jawf front – click to see the full size map

Raghwan front:
Ansar Allah has succeeded in clearing the villages of Abu Sarah, Hazma Al-Zaba’ and Al-Naji in this front. Due to the alliance of Asdas and Raghwan tribes with Mansour Hadi forces and also Ansar Allah’s unwillingness to clash with the tribes of these areas, no further progress has been made in this direction.
East of Madghal front:
In recent days, Ansar Allah has increased pressure on the Wadi Nakhla and al-Kasarat area. Most of the clashes on this front involved artillery fire and air battles. Ansar Allah air defense shot down a Chinese-made CH-4 UAV in the skies of Madghal on February 12.
Saudi coalition warplanes have bombed Madghal district 14 times in the past week.
East Sarwah front:
This front, which has been the main target of Ansar Allah attacks in recent weeks, witnessed a large amount of airstrikes by the Saudi coalition warplanes. According to the ‘ISWNews‘, 75 airstrikes have been carried out on Ansar Allah positions in Sarwah district in the past week.
On this front, Ansar Allah succeeded in clearing the Kufil mountain and its oil pumping station.
The contact line is now transferred to the areas of Tala’at al-Hamra, west of al-Zour and the western suburbs of Hamar mountaun.
Athaf and Dahwan mountains are no man’s land and no clashes have been reported in these areas so far.
The news of the Bani Dhabiyan tribes joining the ranks of the Saudi coalition is not true so far, and despite their opposition with Ansar Allah, there has been no specific clashes between them and Ansar Allah.

Marib front – click to see the full size map

Ansar Allah carried out nine drone and missile operations against Saudi coalition positions in the past week, the details of which are as follows:
UAV attacks: 5 times Khamis Mushait, 4 times Abha Airport, 2 times Najran and 1 time Jizan.
Missile attacks: 1 time the Sahn al-Jinn base, 1 time the third military zone in Marib province, 1 time the King Khalid Airbase in Khamis Mushait.

It seems that Ansar Allah will continue its attacks on these fronts until it destroys the power of coalition and breaks the resistance of the Saudi coalition on the Marib front, and even adds the southern and northern axes to them, and then advance on the main front of the conflict: the western front of Marib.

Interactive map of Yemen

Click to see the full size map
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