Latest Updates On Yemen 14 May 2018; Al-Haymah has fallen & the Announcement of Yemen on Recent Events of Palestine

Tuesday 15 May 18 - 22:13

A Badr-1 missile launched towards “ARAMCO” oil company in Jizan ; The Supreme Political Council of Yemen’s announcement summary

1- A Saudi drone was shot down in “Jareh” valley (border of Jizan).


2- A Badr-1 missile launched towards “ARAMCO” oil company in Jizan.


3- Yesterday, Al-Haymah –located in south of Al-Hudaydah & Red Sea coast– Has fallen.

Today, The UAE-Backed forces started their operation under the name of “The Red Thunder”.

the regions of Al-Jarahi, Zubaid, Al-Tahita, are under the heavy airstrikes by the Saudi-Backed Alliance, the army and the people’s committees in these regions resisting strongly.


4- The Supreme Political Council of Yemen’s announcement, summarized:

Palestine is an Arab & Islamic land, which is occupied by the Zionist regime, and Quds will be the capital of Palestine until the end of time.
This day, is a beginning to the uprising of people of our region and all the free men across the world for reclaiming their rights, reclaiming the Arab & Islamic lands.

The Republic of Yemen, demands from all the Arabic & Islamic countries, to swiftly reconsider their stand about the arrogant & colonialistic policy and actions of the United States.

We demand from Arabic & Islamic countries, in defiance of these actions, to close the US embassies.


5- The Zelzal Missiles were launched and hit the gatherings of Mansur Hadi’s Forces in Al-Ghayl district from Al-Jawf Governorate

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