Latest progress by Syrian army in eastern Syria & possible axis

Thursday 20 July 2017 - 06:26

In recent days, the Syrian army leaded by Soheil Hassan, advancing and defeating ISIS defense lines in southern province of #Raqqah
therefore , a large number of oil and gas wells were freed through the last week.
Also Resistance forces are approaching to Al-Sukhnah in #Tadmur#DeirezZor axis. It is also possible for them to advance towards T2 station in Hamimah axis

Regarding the type of advancements, two points can be considered :
– #SAA can approach to Al-Sukhnah from the top
and bottom in parallel with downstream advancements of the Resistance Forces , and surround the large amount of #ISIS in center of Syria!
Of course, considering the suicide nature of ISIS behavior, this move has its own advantages and disadvantages that are not included in this article.

– SAA can continue its advances in southern Raqqah province & reach to Deir ez Zur , meantime resistance forces will advance towards Deir ez Zur along the highway.

Remember these two, in the coming weeks, we will say more about this

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