Sayed Hasan Nasrallah in “Liberation Day”: “We Do Not Seek War But We Do Not Fear It”

Saturday, 26 May 2018 - 13:16

On May 25, 2000, the Israeli army was forced to escape from southern Lebanon under the heavy pressure of the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon.

A Summary from Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah’s speech on the occasion of the “Resistance and Liberation Day” :


– Welcome all and every year and you are well. We did not make an event this year for Liberation Day because of elections and Ramadan.

– This year’s Quds Day is important and must be covered by media and politically due to sensitive time that Jerusalem is going through after Trump’s decision.

– I want to start by congratulating all Muslims on beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan.

– On Liberation Day of 25 May 2000, I congratulate all on this day whether it’s Lebanon or the people of the region as a lesson for the present and future.

– We thank God first and last for giving us this victory. After that, the resistance fighters at the first degree who fought in 1982 and before who fought to liberate this land from the aggression.

– Among them martyrs who sacrificed their lives like Musawi, Harb, Mohammad Saad and many more. As well as martyrdom operators and those are wounded and the prisoners who spent their youth in Occupation prisons like Khiyam.

– Not to forget the people of the villages and those on the border region and throughout all Lebanon. Lebanese Army & other factions also played a role, as well as the Syrian Arab Army who sacrificed martyrs.

– Those who supported the resistance through financial means and housing those displaced. And not to forget the help from Syria and Iran.

– Between 1982 and 2000, Hezbollah capabilities were modest compared to not only the enemy (Israel) but also Hezbollah today

– There were people who ran around looking for a reason not to resist the occupation. But it was our people’s resistance which led to Israel’s withdraw which was not through an agreement or organised fashion, this resistance is still evident today.

– We do not seek war but do not fear it. Israel threatens but we say that in a war (God forbid) that it will be a victory for us. Confidence in the Resistance was also demonstrated during the election.

– On sanctions; previously there were Hezbollah personalities sanctioned by US and now there are new lists. This won’t affect us, it is only aimed at isolating us from those who want to sit or meet with us.

– It is dangerous when it affects Lebanese business and commercial who need to come and go.

– Let’s say some did give money, Hezbollah is not a terrorist here, we have a holiday (25 May) for us, how can the state accept this?

– Most importantly the aim of the sanctions is to cut off its financial source, whether its domestic, its allies or the very source, Iran. US with its ‘12 points’ wants Iran to stop supporting Resistance and turn it into a puppet state.

– We refuse US/Zionist agenda in Lebanon whether it is occupation or installing political administration or a normalisation agreement.

– Refuse US or Israel attempt to seize land or any drop of oil, naturally this enemy needs to see it be threatened or else it will result to assassinations and sieges.

– Killings and wars by Israel against Lebanon will not reach results. Loss of life and destruction of homes and businesses is part of the sacrifices of the battle. And we will build our victories on that.

– I tell US and all, your mistake in your attempt to cut off Hezbollah financially, is they see their ‘allies’ as price tags, they see us as mercenaries. This Resistance, they are owners of an issue which are defending it with their souls no matter the conditions.

– I say to our enemies this won’t go forward or go back, this Resistance today is stronger in all fields.

– I have said previously, Syrian leadership and its allies will not allow the fall of Syria. On this day, we congratulate the Syrian Arab Army on the complete liberation of Damascus as it achieves victory after victory.


Then, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah continued his speech about some of the issues in lebanon election and the Party’s plans on future affairs of the country..



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