Mevlut Cavusoglu Deal with Mike Pompeo in Washington on the Issue of Manbij; YPG Statement on this Issue

Wednesday 6 June 2018 - 00:26

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The United States and Turkey announced in a joint statement following a meeting of their foreign ministers in Washington on Monday that they had approved a road map for the Manbij and confirmed their joint commitment to its implementation.

However the statement did not clearly indicate how the roadmap will be implemented and whether the “Manbij Military Council” or international coalition forces will leave the area or how the Turkish and US forces will manage the city until the formation of a local council as claimed by Turkey.


Before this meeting, Mevlut Cavusoglu claimed that Turkey had reached an agreement with the United States and the YPG/SDF units would withdraw from the city and the Manbij will be managed jointly by US and Turkish forces until the formation of a new local council, but the US government denied this statement and confirmed that it did not agree with Turkey on these steps claimed by Cavusoglu.


Following this contradictions, Mevlut Cavusoglu said:

“The YPG/PKK terrorists will be disarmed under a roadmap drawn up by Turkey and the U.S.

Once [the implementation of] Manbij model is completed, a similar model will be applied to other areas of Syria.
At that time, the American (real) stance will determine whether YPG will be removed or not?

We said that we do not recognize the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, we recognize all of them as YPG/PKK.

Our efforts are aimed at consolidating stability in Syria. Here, the main issue is to clean up the terrorist group and stabilize the region.”


The Manbij Military Council, which controls the city, in response to yesterday’s meeting and Turkish Foreign Minister statements said that “No agreement was reached on the withdrawal of these forces from the city and the transfer of control to the joint US-Turkish forces.


But in the other hand, today the YPG official website issued a statement on the activities of the group in fighting ISIS and helping Manbij, and implicitly confirmed the withdrawal of its forces from the city.

In summary, the statement said that “The YPG forces launched a campaign in early 2016, at the request of the Manbij Military Council and the people of Manbij, in coordination with the US coalition to fight ISIS. Then, after the liberation of the city and the establishment of security and peace, YPG announced the handover of control in Manbij to its military council on 16/11/2016, and YPG forces withdraw from the city, through an official statement Publicly, with a military parade in front of television screens and the media.

Then at the request of the Manbij Military Council, a group of military trainers from YPG remained as military advisers to assist the Military Council. After two years of continuous work and the arrival of the Manbij Military Council into self-sufficiency, the General Command of People’s Protection Units (YPG) decided to withdraw its military advisers from Manbij.”


The problem arises from the fact that the main body of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces, which are fully supported by the United States in all eastern part of the Euphrates River, as well as in the vicinity of the Manbij, are formed by YPG Kurdish forces, and this is the point that Turkey knows it well and tries to find a way to disarm this group by military and political pressure.



Apart from the mentioned issues, some of the speeches of the Turkish Foreign Minister are interesting, where he said: “We are trying to consolidate stability in Syria!”

Turkey’s activities in the early years of the war against Syria and pouring of a wide range of terrorists into Syria and extensive political and logistical support for the destabilization of Syria over the past years, it is not hidden from anyone;

But once their plan and their militants plan to capture Syria failed, Turkey suddenly thought of the stability of the Syrian state and turned to comprehensive negotiations in order to maintain security and stability in Syria!

“Who plant the wind, will harvest a storm”

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