Latest Military Situation of Yemen, 22 October 2021 (Map Update)

Friday 22 October 2021 - 14:16

Summary of the latest changes in the frontlines of Yemen over the past 30 days

During Operation Fajr al-Hurriya, Ansar Allah succeeded in completely clearing the districts of Nu’man, Nate’, al-Musawara, al-Sawma’ah, and Mukayris from the control of the Saudi-led forces and the al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups .

Marib and Shabwah:
Following the developments in the central axis of Yemen, Ansar Allah carried out pre-operations called “Al-Nasr Al-Mubin” in three stages to launch the final operation called “Rabi’ al-Nasr“. Operation Rabi’ al-Nasr led to the liberation of 3,200 square kilometers of land in Shabwah and Marib provinces, including the districts of Usaylan, Beyhan and Ain in Shabwah province, and the al-Abdiyah, Harib districts and parts of the al-Jubah and Jabal Murad districts in Marib province.

Clashes continue on other fronts in Al-Jawf, Saadah, al-Hudaydah, etc. provinces, but there has been no change in the lines of conflict on these axes.

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  1. Syed Muhammad Mujtaba Zaidi says:

    In Official Anssarallah statement they said they captured Usaylan also they showed in there map. then why are you not showing in your map .