Yemen: Latest updates on Hajjah, 10 February 2022

Thursday 10 February 2022 - 20:11

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and popular committees succeeded in breaking the siege of Haradh town in the north of Hajjah province.

Ansar Allah has started a heavy counterattacks to retake the eastern areas of the town of Haradh since February 8. The counterattacks led to the withdrawal of the Saudi-led forces from the villages around Hasenayn mountain and the al-Mahsam base.

Currently, clashes continue in the Hayjah mountain and the villages of Rawdha, al-Qaim and al-Karas.

Ansar Allah fighter around Hasenayn mountain located in the eastern direction of Haradh town

The number of airstrikes by Saudi coalition warplanes has risen to 60 since the beginning of the conflict. Ansar Allah Air Defense also destroyed the 14th CH-4 drone over the Haradh district on February 10.

Ansar Allah must liberate Mazraq road and the Ahem triangle from the control of the Saudi-led forces in order to maintain the control of Haradh. Otherwise, the occasional coalition attacks to Haradh will continue.

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