Latest Updates on Al-Hudaydah and Western Coast Fronts; Map

Monday 25 June 18 - 11:04

Latest news and field information from south of Hudaydah and all western coast frontlines.

As it was mentioned in our recent reports, the Saudi-led coalition & UAE-backed forces aim for doing this operation in Yemen’s west coast is to cut Ansarallah’s access to the sea, and with regards to this aim, southern Al-Hudaydah also went under the heaviest attacks by Saudi-led coalition & UAE-backed forces.


According to the latest news & field information, the situation in south of Al-Hudayda, is as follows:


South of the city:

– In west of the airfield, airfield’s square & Kornish district are the frontlines of battle.
– According to the field sources, the airfield at this moment is the frontline of war for both sides, and UAE-backed forces are deployed in south & east (bound), And Ansarallah & Popular Movement Forces have control in west side of airfield (main building) .
– Matahin square and east road, AlHudayda-Sanaa, is under the control of Ansarallah, lines of this pivot, haven’t changed according to the last map.


Coastal Road:
– According to the latest attacks & published videos, Ansarallah have control over Majilis, Al-Jah, Mashikhia region, however, clashes continue intensively; so we highlighted it with yellow color in our map.

– From Al Faza, Hosseiniya crossroad (west of Al-Jah), Nakhila (west of Ad-Durayhimi) to southern regions of Al-Ta’if, are under the fire of Ansarallah, and also UAE-backed forces can move in these regions, so none of them have control over them so it’s a disputed area.


HD Map


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