Latest Updates on Yemen 13 & 14 July 2018; Yemen Scream in the Face of the Arrogant

Saturday, 14 July 2018 - 13:04

Protests of Yemeni people in Hudaydah and Sanaa on the occasion of “Day of Shout” ; Latest news about the Hudaydah and Nihm fronts

“Image: The former leader of Ansarallah; Martyr Seyyed Hossein Badr al-Din al-Houthi”


1- al-Mahrah:

Saudi-led Coalition forces retreated from Ghayza airport, al Shahn passageway , Sarfit and Nashtoun harbor after an agreement with governor of al Mahrah.

This happened after a series of protests in Mahrah.


2- Images of protests by al-Hudaydah and Sana’a people on the occasion of the anniversary of the protests of “Shouting over the arrogant”



3- al-Hudaydah:
In the last two days, the frontlines was intakt and Jabilah was under the Ansarallah fire.
UAE backed forces with support of Saudi Coalition warplanes trying to reach to Zabid.


 4- Nihim front:
Ansarallah and popular committees gained control of areas in northwest of al-Qatab.
Some clashes took place in “Rabah Sharqi” against Coalition forces.
At the moment, al-Yam heights to al-Qatab in Nihim front is contested and Ansarallah resists in this areas.


5- Summary of Sayyid Abdul Malik al Houthi, leader of AnsarAllah speech on the occasion of the protests of “Shouting over the arrogant”

“The United States slays thousands of Arabs in its battle for its officers and soldiers.

The American-Emirates-Saudi Islam is a pattern of hypocrisy.

We must continue to confront the enemy and the tyranny of United States and Israel.

We must stand up against the people who want to dominate us and enslave us and deny our right to decide our future.

We do not count on the United Nations peaceful solution about the West coast battle.(Because of UAE-Saudi repeated violations in west coast)

We have accepted the technical, logistical and assistance role of the United Nations, but the enemies are doing opposite of this.

What has caused resistance movements in the region and the growth of the Islamic Republic of Iran is their accountability and endeavour and sacrifices.

The West coast battle calls for the mobilization of all the provinces.

One who relied on God for victory over his own (Selfish)soul; God is his protector and has succeeded in confirming and divine companionship.”


(The roots of the “Day of Shout” demonstration relate to the famous speech of Martyr Seyyed Hossein Badr al-Din Houthi, the former leader of Ansarallah, in 2002 in Sana’a, which was in opposition to the arrogance and the was about the symbolic slogans of “Death to America and Israel” .)

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