White Helmets or a Mask for Terrorists in Syria?! Infographic + Clips and Images

Friday 27 July 2018 - 11:54

Introducing the White Helmets and public hidden facts; Explaining ambiguities around the infamous White Helmets

In 2016, Netflix in accordance with deteriorating truth in Syria, released a documentary “The White Helmets”. Netflix, which is a multimedia entertainment company in USA, collaborated with Orlando von Einsiedel and Joanna Natasegara, Oscar nominee director and producer and the resulted documentary won Oscar for the best documentary.

Winning the Oscar by this documentary resulted in vast oppositions and critiques by human rights activists to this political selection.


Undoubtedly Syrian people suffered and are suffering still in this war regardless of political or religious disputes but what is not accepted is to abuse these suffers for political gains.


White Helmets are an apparent NGO which are active in Syria from 2013 and described their goals to help civilians but facts reveal something else.


This NGO describe themselves as non-governmental and neutral while it is composed of non-Syrian members.


James Le Mesurier with 20 years’ experience of working in vulnerable countries as a member of UN emissaries, consultant of private and security companies, Foreign and Commonwealth Office of UK and a former officer of British Royal Army is the founder of the White Helmets. (Foreign and Commonwealth Office is responsible for Britain’s interests across the world.)


If White Helmets are really an NGO then why it is founded by an ex-military officer of Britain, who are supporting active terrorists in Syria logistically and spiritually?


USA has spent 33 million dollars to support the White Helmets up to 2016! while the White Helmets claim to be an independent NGO and do not receive any money from any government!


Why the White Helmets, although being neutral, is active only in regions occupied by terrorists and are not willing to act in other regions?


Why they are supporting “no-flight zone” by NATO in Syria?

A “no-flight zone” whose consequences in Libya are obvious. A program that is supported by a person like Clinton.


On the other hand, there are numerous graphical evidences showing relationship between the White Helmets and terrorists of al Nusra Front (al Qaeda in Syria). Images and clips showing the White Helmets being armed to their presence between terrorists and helping them …


The most famous of them is about Mahmoud Raslan the photographer of controversial photo of Syrian child Omran Daqneesh with the help of the White Helmets; the same person who has selfie image with killers (apparently Palestinian) of a 12 years old Syrian child in Aleppo.


Cleaning the scene after al Nusrah Front public executions of Syrian people …

Celebrating along with al Nusrah Front …

Direct addressing of one of the White Helmets to disrespecting the Syrian Army’s killed soldiers and putting them in garbage bins …


So we are dealing with a group who are:

Founded by non-Syrians,

Not independent nor NGO,

Not Neutral

Armed and have tendencies toward certain groups.


Considering these facts, indeed their credit is stained and there were rumors that networks such as Netflix are trying to nominate them for Noble Peace Prize!!!



James Le Mesurier the Founder of White Helmets


The story of Omran Daqneesh



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