Military Knowledge: Ya-Ali Cruise Missile

Sunday 23 July 2023 - 08:27

Ya-Ali (AS) cruise missile is a medium-range cruise missile with a range of 700 km, which can be launched from various land, air and sea platforms. Ya-Ali cruise missile is Iran’s first attempt to design and produce a completely independent and indigenous cruise platform with a medium range for use in the ground, air and naval forces.

The entire process of designing and producing of this missile was carried out by the Aerospace Industries of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

The missile was first unveiled on 11 May 2014 when Iranian leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei visited the Aerospace Force of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. In the same exhibition, the Ya Ali (AS) cruise missile was announced as a land cruise missile with a turbojet engine, a range of 700 km and a warhead of 200 kg. In another interview in 2014, General Hajizadeh, commander of IRGC Aerospace Force announced that this missile can be installed and used by the IRGC’s Sukhoi 22.

Based on the images released from the unveiling ceremony of Ya Ali (AS) cruise missile, it can be said that this missile has a cylindrical body, fixed rectangular wings, a jet engine at the end of the body and an air intake below it, and control fins at the end of the body.

The dimensions of this missile have not been officially announced, but in some sources, the length of the missile is 4.9 meters and its diameter is 35 centimeters.

No detailed information is available about the engine of this missile. Two Toloue-4 and TJ100 engines are considered as the main options, the most likely of which is the Toloue-4 engine. The Toloue-4 engine is installed on Ghader and Noor cruise missiles as well as the Karrar drone.

The guidance system of this missile has not been officially announced, but this missile can obviously use Terrain contour matching (TERCOM) or Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator (DSMAC) method. However, considering the time of unveiling and use of this missile, the most likely method is to use an altitude measuring radar along with the inertial system and GPS, which helps the autopilot in guiding the missile. One of the weaknesses of this missile is not using a camera in the last stage of hitting, which could increase the accuracy of this missile.

Ya-Ali (a.s) cruise missile is considered the first achievement of Meshkat project. This project is defined to achieve a 2000 km cruise missile; Its first prototype is the Ya-Ali cruise missile. After this missile, Soumar and Abu Mahdi cruise missiles were also built with higher ranges.

Specifications of Ya-Ali cruise missile:
Length: 4.9 meters
Diameter: 35 cm
Range: 700 km
Warhead weight: 200 kg
Engine: Toloue-4 turbojet
Launch platform: capable of firing from land, air and sea launchers
Origin: Iran
Designer and manufacturer: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force

Ya-Ali cruise missile – click to view full size

Posters of Ya-Ali cruise missile in Farsi, Arabic (صاروخ كروز يا علي), Russian (Крылатая ракета Йа Али), Hebrew (טיל שיוט יא עלי), Chinese (亚阿里巡航导弹), Kurdish (موشەکی کروزی یاعەلی) and Azeri (Ya Əli (Ə) Qanadlı Raketi):

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