Latest Updates on Yemen 19 September 2018; Another Karbala in Yemen!

Thursday, 20 September 2018 - 09:41

Latest updates on military situation in Hudaydah, Baydha and Taiz frontlines

The Image is about the bombardment of residental areas of Marran region in northern borders of Sa’ada & martyrdom of Yemeni children and the sorrow and pain in eyes of their father.


1. Hudaydah

Nana(16km) square and Matahin square are under Ansarallah control and heavy clashes continue along the road and Qos al Nasr area.

The Saudi-led Coalition forces trying to capture the Nana square from the southern axis.

Also heavy clashes between Ansarallah and Saudi-led Coalition forces going on in the south of Hudaydah city and along the coastline, north of Manzar and Kornish square.

18 Yemeni fishermen were martyred due to Saudi warships attack to Yemeni sailors in Khukhah’s coast; However, Saudi Coalition denied this attack and claimed Ansarallah responsible for the attack.

Firing a short range missile to Saudi Coalition gathering in western coast.

The Ansarallah Qasef-1 (UAV) attack to Saudi Coalition gathering in western coast.

Ansarallah attack to Hays from 3 axes; south,north and east.

Ansarallah attack to Saudi-led forces in Durayhimi.


2. Firing a Badr-1 missile to Saudi base in Jizan.

Saudi says they were intercepted the missile.


3. Firing a Badr-1 missile to Saudi base in Dhahran, Asir province(south of Saudi Arabia).

Ansarallah said the missile hit successfully; Saudi Coalition did not comment about the attack.


4. Summary of Ansarallah operation in different axes of Baydha in recent days:

First axis; in Qaniyah axis Ansarallah succeeded to reclaim Shabka Houran.

Second axis; against al-Qaeda terrorists which led to clearance of Shabka Sabah in Zi Naem.

Third axis; against Hadi’s forces which led to clearance and advance in ‘Ashar crossroad, Nate’ district.


5. Taiz

Ansarallah Recapture the Mafalis heights in southern front of Hayfan.

The Coalition attacks in this axis was more successful due to lack of Ansarallah’s equipment and manpower, so the Hayfan and Rahidah is on verge of fall.


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