Latest Updates on Yemen 27 September 2018; Frontlines Situation

Thursday 27 September 18 - 20:20

Latest updates on fronts in al Hudaydah, Baydha and Marib and AnsarAllah’s engagement with Saudi Coalition forces and ISIS in these fronts.

1. Al Hudaydah:
– Defending Saudi Coalition attack by AnsarAllah in west of Tuhayta. Attacks in this axis are to put pressure on Jarrahi.
– AnsarAllah’s attacks in east and southwest of Durayhimi to Saudi Coalition’s position.
– Photos showing engagements in west of Tuhayta and Jabalia in western coast.


2. Marib:
– Joint operation of AnsarAllah’s missiles and drones against positions of forces supported by the Coalition.
Media close to the Coalition, reported to destroy five missiles (The Coalition air defense system is in Marib).
AnsarAllah reported to hit positions of Mansoor Hadi’s and the Coalition’s forces in Marib after surveillance by drone.


3. Baydha:
– AnsarAllah’s attack to ISIS in region Qorwa in Qifah.
– Engagements between the Coalition and AnsarAllah in Qaniya front.

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