Latest Updates on Yemen 16 October 2018; al Hudaydah and Sa’dah Situation

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 - 14:41

Latest Updates on frontlines in al Hudaydah and firing Bin Daghr by Mansoor Hadi

1. Al Hudaydah:
AnsarAllah’s attack in Durayhimi has reached the north of the town and there is a high chance of retreat of Saudi troops from north of Durayhimi.

AnsarAllah has broke the siege of the town from south and east in previous days.

Clashes in north of Durayhimi

Clashes in west of Tuhayta


AnsarAllah’s operation near square Nana and eastern road of al Hudaydah.

According to local media, Saudi Coalition forces have retreated from the road. The latest updates on this frontlines situation will be covered in another report.


2. A missile Badr-1 launched to a Saudi military base in Dhahran in Aseer province.


3. Two missile Badr-1 fired to Marib.

Local media reported that smoke coming from Marib.


4. Mansoor Hadi, resigned president of Yemen, fired Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr the prime minister of the resigned government.
After this change, Moein Abdul Malik replaced him.

Bin Daghr is also accused of bad economic situation and to be trialed in military court.


5. Media close to Saudi Coalition reported that engagements have entered center of Kataf district in northeast of Sa’dah.

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