Map | Latest Updates on Battlefield in Yemen 22 October 2018

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 - 06:58

Most active frontlines in Yemen

Al Hudaydah:
Engagements at the gate and around city of al Hudaydah.

Saudi Coalition forces engaging with AnsarAllah around squares 16 kilo, 10 kilo and 7 kilo.
Saudi Coalition forces present in coastal front near square Jamal.


Saudi Coalition forces trying to round Haradh but are halted in the region for a while.


Saudi Coalition forces slowly advanced in east of Malahit and are at the gates of Jabal Marran.


Saudi Coalition forces are in north of Baqem and AnsarAllah defending hardly.


Saudi Coalition forces advanced in northeast of Sa’adah and reached within 15 kms of Kitaf.

At the moment they are in Wadi Al Abo Jabbara region.


Saudi Coalition operation axes are marked by red arrows.
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