Map | Latest Situation of Battlefield around al Hudaydah; 5 November 2018

Monday, 5 November 2018 - 22:43

Latest situation of al Hudaydah until now

1. Southern axis:
Engagements near al Hudaydah university and coastal strip until southern strip of Rabsah neighborhood.

Coalition forces could not occupy the university so far.

Thus, the university and airport are still under control by AnsarAllah.

2. Eastern axis:
Eastern road “al Hudaydah-Sanaa” is cut and Matahin square (east of al Hudaydah) and engineering school (northeastern suburb) occupied by coalition and engagements in Road 50 and Saleh housing and eastern part of city.
Nana square(16 km) is under control by AnsarAllah and Coalition has passed Qaws an Nasr and took position 2 km from the square.


HD Map

Interactive map of Hudaydah

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