Saudi Coalition Operation Halt in al Hudaydah City

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 - 17:04

Islamic World News Analysis Group: According to latest updates from local witnesses, due to international pressures, Saudi Coalition operation in al Hudaydah is halted temporarily.

Spokesperson of the National Resistance(Coalition) in his words said that AnsarAllah requested from international organizations to stop war in al Hudaydah and the control of city to be submitted to AnsarAllah and AnsarAllah will cease control of al Hudaydah harbor to international organizations!


There is news that an emissary group from UN visited al Hudaydah harbor then went to Sanaa.


On the other hand some media close to Coalition released news of Saudi Coalition advances in western coastal region in the direction of al Hudaydah university toward Samak harbor (fish market). Considering the visit of UN emissary committee and the media did not show any photos of the aforementioned advance, we cannot confirm it yet.

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