Latest Updates on Yemen 19 November 2018; Frontlines Situation

Monday, 19 November 2018 - 19:00

Latest news from Yemeni fronts and important statement by Mohammad Ali al-Houthi on conditional suspension of Ansarullah missile and drone attacks

1. Al Hudaydah:
– Engagements in all axes and frontlines in suburb have not changed.
– AnsarAllah attacks to north of Manzar(south of al Hudaydah), west of Jabilah area, Mutaynah crossroad(suburb of Tuhayta) and southeast of Hays in the last two days.
– Saudi Coalition preparing and transporting troops and equipment to start a new wave of attack to al Hudaydah.

– In case that negotiations are fruitless, AnsarAllah can drain Coalition strength to complete the siege of al Hudaydah and attacking the city by phony attacks, cutting coastal road and drone surveillance – precision missile attack.


AnsarAllah attacks Saudi led Coalition forces south of Hudaydah airport

Transferring heavy equipment and sending Sudanese forces to al Hudaydah by Emirates


2. Northeast of Sanaa:
AnsarAllah operation in Nihm district and Yam heights against Coalition and Mansoor Hadi troops.


3. Taiz:
AnsarAllah operation against Coalition and Mansoor Hadi forces in Ber Basha area and Wazaeia; AnsarAllah reclaimed Araf mount near Wazaeia.


4. Dhale’:
– AnsarAllah forces took position in suburb of Haqab in south of Damt, cleared Naser heights and defended Coalition attacks to south of Damt so far.
– Heavy engagement in south of Damt ; AnsarAllah defending in the area (photos showing the engagements).


5. Hajjah:
– Heavy engagement in north of Ahem triangle and south and east of Majbariya to complete the siege of AnsarAllah in Haradh .
– Coalition claimed to occupy Karas, Atnah and Aqawah and engagement in Qaem(south of Haradh).
– Mahsam eastern bergs are good place for AnsarAllah resistance to prevent complete siege of Haradh.


6. Muhammed Ali Al Houthi head of Yemen Presidency Council in an statement:
“We are ready to stop missile and drone attacks to take back the excuse of continuation of war and siege from enemy and show our sincere intention for peace.”

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