Latest Updates on Yemen 27 November 2018; Yemen Peace Negotiations in Sweden

Wednesday 28 November 2018 - 13:10

Photos: A destroyed living house in Mostaba village in Hajjah by Saudi Coalition fighters

1. Baydha:
– Continuation of Mansoor Hadi’s operation in north of Baydha province in two axes of Malajim and Qaniyah.
– AnsarAllah engagement with al Qaeda in Zahhaki region and claiming al Qaeda base in the region.


2. Yemeni Defense Ministry statement:

In the last four days Saudi Coalition performed 153 airstrikes in Saadah, Hudaydah and Hajjah provinces.
In a strike by Saudi Coalition to a house in a village, Mostaba district in Hajjah, six persons are martyred and three injured.


3. Al Hudaydah:
– Bombing Montaja al Wahah in east of the city by Saudi Coalition fighters.
– Artillery attack to Al Ittihad hotel, Sanaa street and Himadi mosque by Saudi Coalition.


4. Taiz:
AnsarAllah attacking Saudi Coalition position in Waze’iyah.


5. Peace negotiations in Sweden
According to SkyNews it is possible that Yemen peace negotiations start from next week in Sweden.

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