Latest Updates on Yemen 31 December 2018

Monday, 31 December 2018 - 20:16

Latest news about ceasefire and Yemen war

1- The spokesman of Yemen Armed Forces:

– The Saudi Coalition has violated ceasefires 800 times in Hudaydah after the “Sweden agreement” so far.

– The Coalition warplanes violated ceasefires 75  times in Hudaydah.

– In 2018, our forces carried out more than 689 operations against the Saudi Coalition.

– In 2018, 42 Coalition UAVs were shot down by our forces.

– In 2018, 38 drone operations were carried out against the Saudi Coalition.

– In 2018, more than 131 missiles fired at Saudi Coalition positions.

– In 2018, our forces have carried out 6 naval operations against military ships of the Coalition.

– Our missile reserves are sufficiently diverse and we seek to strengthen and expand our reserves to counterbalance future wars.


2- Jawf

Recapturing several areas along the Al Khadra Passage during AnsarAllah operation in northern Al Jawf.


3- Joint UAVs and artillery operation of Ansar Allah against Saudi Coalition in Jizan.


4- Hudaydah

From yesterday, the Saudi-led forces according to the agreement of Sweden are removing the road blockades and trenches to 16km, to pave the way for humanitarian aids.(Image)

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