Infographic | Ansar Allah’s Report From 2018

Wednesday, 2 January 2019 - 18:18

The spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces released statistics and information on operations and activities of the Yemeni Army and Ansar Allah during 2018

According to this information, Ansar Allah forces and popular committees:

– AnsarAllah anti-armored units have destroyed 310 military vehicles and 280 armored vehicles of the Saudi-led Coalition forces
– Ansar Allah Conducted 689 operations against Saudi-led Coalition forces in Different areas of country
– AnsarAllah shot down 42 UAVs of Saudi Coalition
– AnsarAllah conducted 38 UAV attacks on positions of Saudi Coalition forces
– AnsarAllah fired more than 131 missiles at Saudi Coalition positions
– AnsarAllah conducted 6 naval operation against military ships of Coalition


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