Intelligence Chief of the Saudi-backed government of Yemen, died after Ansar Allah UAV attack on the Al Anad military base in Lahij.

Monday, 14 January 2019 - 14:22

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The resigned government of Mansour Hadi’s intelligence chief, Brigadier General Saleh Tammah, died on Sunday, three days after being injured in a Ansar Allah drone attack on the country’s largest airbase.

With the funeral of Brigadier General Saleh Tammah, the intelligence chief of Mansour Hadi’s government today, Ansar Allah’s claim about the death and injury of the several senior military officials of Mansour Hadi’s government during the Qasef 2-K UAV attack on Al Anad base turned out to be true.


Mohammad Saleh Tammah was the former commander of the Southern Movement (Al Hirak) and anti-Ansar Allah, who was appointed as head of intelligence by Mansour Hadi last year.


Also among the wounded were Yemen’s deputy chief of staff Saleh Al Zandani, senior army commander Fadel Hasan and Lahij governor Ahmad Abdullah Al Turki.

Saleh Al Zandani and Abdullah Al Turki, due to the severity of injuries were taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment.


The recent UAV attack of Ansar Allah to Al Anad military base is the beginning of a shift in aerial warfare towards the positions of the Coalition and the Saudi-backed forces, which could change the course of the war in the future.

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