Latest Updates on Yemen 15 January 2019,

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 - 12:34

Latest news from Hajjah, Bayda and Hudaydah fronts.

1- Firing a Badr-1 missile at a Saudi military base in Najran.


2- Joint Artillery and UAV attacks of Ansar Allah on gathering of Coalition forces in Saqam military base, Najran.


3- Baydha

Ansar Allah repelled the Saudi Coalition attacks in Qaniyah front, north of Baydha province.


4- Hajjah

Heavy clashes in northeast of Ahem triangle, east of Haradh and south of Tawwal border crossing.


5- Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces:

– The Saudis have violated more than 437 times the ceasefires in Al Hudaydah during the past three days.

– Over the past three days, Saudi Coalition have bombed more than 63 times other Yemeni provinces.


6- Joint Artillery and UAV attacks of Ansar Allah on positions of Coalition forces in Ojabah region, Jizan province. (Images)

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