Latest Updates on Yemen, 16 February 2019; Israel Participating in War Against Yemen

Sunday 17 February 2019 - 09:18

Latest news from Yemeni frontlines and the presence of Israel in the Yemen war and Hajur tribe chaos…

1. Al Hudaydah:
Saudi Coalition spy drone shot down over Nana square.


2. Saadah:
AnsarAllah’s operation in Jahfan resulted in claiming some points in east of the area.


3. Dhale’:
AnsarAllah’s operation in Beit Yazidi and Damt suburbs against Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi’s forces.


4. Hajjah:
Saudi Coalition media reported an operation against AnsarAllah is started in north of Hajjah and to connect to Hajur tribes.
Hajur tribes engaged with AnsarAllah after one tribe engaged with AnsarAllah resulted in more difficulties for AnsarAllah in this axis. Saudi Coalition claim that they support this tribe and helping them with airstrikes…


5. Haaretz:
– Israel is ally to Saudi and Emirates Coalition in war against Yemen unofficially.
– An Israeli firm is training some soldiers who fight under Emirates in al Hudaydah.
– Private corporations and ex-CIA officers giving Saudi and Emirates, intelligence and military consultations.


6. Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson:
– Saudi Coalition violated ceasefire in al Hudaydah 508 times in the last three days.
– Saudi Coalition fighters attacked other provinces 64 times.

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