Latest Updates on Yemen, 20 February 2019; Retreat from al Hudaydah

Thursday, 21 February 2019 - 10:20

Latest updates on Sweden’s Agreement and saadah and north of Jawf fronts

1. Saadah:

– AnsarAllah operation at Najran border resulted in death of 13 and wound of 30 Saudi Army soldiers.
Saudi Coalition confirming the news, stated it was a convoy from Malik Abdul-Aziz Brigade.
– AnsarAllah’s operation in western branch of Rashaha Gharbi(north of Saadah), Jahfan mount and east of Dud against Saudi Coalition.


2. Al Hudaydah:
According to Al Masirah, Yemeni sides negotiations and the first stage of Sweden’s Agreement agreed that AnsarAllah retreats from Salif and Raas Issa harbors by 5 km and Saudi Coalition to retreat from 7 km toward east (Red Sea) by 1 km.
Both sides in the second stage have agreed to deploy joint forces in al Hudaydah province.
At the moment, they have not agreed on the schedule, implementation procedure, selection of joint force and how to provide security for al Hudaydah in future.


3. Jawf:
AnsarAllah engaging the Coalition and Mansoor Hadi’s forces in Mahashima and Khalifayn fronts, Khab and Shaaf districts.
The Coalition proclaim to have controlling over the heights in the region but AnsarAllah rejecting the Coalition advances has cut the Coalition route in Astar area.


? Images showing Yemenis protesting “Avoiding Betrayers and Invitation to AnsarAllah’s Leader in different cities in opposition to Mansoor Hadi’s resigned administration officials participating in Warsaw Summit and sitting beside Netanyahu.

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