Latest Updates on Yemen 13 March 2019

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 - 21:14

Latest news from Hajjah, Hudaydah, Mahrah and Saadah frontlines

1. Hajjah:
– The number of martyrs of airstrike Talan area, Kushar district reached 23, 14 of whom are children and 9 women. Tens of wounded have severe condition.
– AnsarAllah firing a missile Badr P-1 to Mansoor Hadi’s and Saudi Coalition troops gathering location, west of Hayran. AnsarAllah claimed it hit the target accurately.
– AnsarAllah artillery firing rockets on Saudi Coalition position in mount Nar; AnsarAllah trying to reclaim the mount.
– Martyrdom of four and three injured due to Saudi Coalition airraid Khadlan area, Msataba district.


2. Mahrah:
Mahrah tribes engaging Mansoor Hadi’s and Saudi Coalition troops. Engagements intensified due to the Coalition erecting military bases and exploiting the area economically.


3. Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson:
– Saudi Coalition violated ceasefire in al Hudaydah 534 times in the last three days.
– Saudi Coalition fighters attacked other provinces 61 times during the same period of time.


4. Saadah:
– Ansar Allah heavy engagements with Saudi Coalition in western Rashaha and Wadi Albu Jabarah, north of Kitaf, south of Alab passage and Baqim suburb.

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