Latest Updates on Yemen, 3 April 2019; Saudi Self-Harming by Ansar Allah’s Name!
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 05 April 2019

Latest news from Yemen’s frontlines and the unsafe military training of the Saudi Army and its foreign advisers.

1. Khamis Mushait:
– Saudi media proclaiming 5 civilians killed due to AnsarAllah’s two drones attacking Khamis Mushait.
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson:
– Saudis claim regarding drone attack to Khamis Mushait by our forces is false.
– What happened in Khamis Mushait, south of Saudi, was mistakes during troops training by Saudi Army and foreign advisers.
– Our forces announce any operation. In the four years of operation against enemies we have proven we never target civilians and only military targets.


2. Sanaa:
– AnsarAllah’s operation in Madfun area, Nihm district against Saudi Coalition.


3. Jawf:
– AnsarAllah engaging Saudi Coalition in Ghayl and Mahashima areas.


4. The US military announced that it had delivered 8 airstrikes against al-Qaeda targets in Yemen.


5. Hajjah:
– Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson reported 60 Saudi Coalition forces killed or injured due to AnsarAllah’s missile attack to Hayran.
– Engagements were reported in Shabakah mountain.


6. Saadah:
– Saudi Coalition’s attacks in Malahit and Rabua border area.
AnsarAllah’s defence in east of Saadah: Mahjuba heights (south of Al Boqa’), Shuayr (behind Taibat al Esm) and Al Rab’ah.


7. Al Hudaydah:
– Saudi Coalition violated ceasefire in al Hudaydah 1129 times in the past six days.

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