Latest Updates on Yemen, 3 April 2019; Saudi Self-Harming by Ansar Allah’s Name!

Friday, 5 April 2019 - 07:42

Latest news from Yemen’s frontlines and the unsafe military training of the Saudi Army and its foreign advisers.

1. Khamis Mushait:
– Saudi media proclaiming 5 civilians killed due to AnsarAllah’s two drones attacking Khamis Mushait.
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson:
– Saudis claim regarding drone attack to Khamis Mushait by our forces is false.
– What happened in Khamis Mushait, south of Saudi, was mistakes during troops training by Saudi Army and foreign advisers.
– Our forces announce any operation. In the four years of operation against enemies we have proven we never target civilians and only military targets.


2. Sanaa:
– AnsarAllah’s operation in Madfun area, Nihm district against Saudi Coalition.


3. Jawf:
– AnsarAllah engaging Saudi Coalition in Ghayl and Mahashima areas.


4. The US military announced that it had delivered 8 airstrikes against al-Qaeda targets in Yemen.


5. Hajjah:
– Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson reported 60 Saudi Coalition forces killed or injured due to AnsarAllah’s missile attack to Hayran.
– Engagements were reported in Shabakah mountain.


6. Saadah:
– Saudi Coalition’s attacks in Malahit and Rabua border area.
AnsarAllah’s defence in east of Saadah: Mahjuba heights (south of Al Boqa’), Shuayr (behind Taibat al Esm) and Al Rab’ah.


7. Al Hudaydah:
– Saudi Coalition violated ceasefire in al Hudaydah 1129 times in the past six days.

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