Latest Updates on Yemen, 6 April 2019

Sunday, 7 April 2019 - 07:47

Latest news from Hajjah, Taiz, Dhale and Sanaa frontlines

1. Sanaa:
– Ansar Allah’s artillery-drone operation attacking ammunition warehouse of Saudi Coalition, south of Fardhat Nihm.
– Saudi Coalition supported troops proclaim occupying mount Ghunaymi.


2. Taiz:
– Ansar Allah’s reclaiming operation in Al Aqrouz area, Misrakh district. AnsarAllah proclaiming capture of some areas in the axis.


3. Dhale:
– Ansar Allah’s operation continuinging in Moris front.
– Saudi Coalition supported troops proclaiming claim of Shadad prison.


4. Hajjah:
– Ansar Allah heavy engagement with Saudi Coalition in north of Hajjah.

Ansar Allah stated repelling Saudi Coalition’s attack, east of Nar mountain.

Saudi Coalition claimed advancing in Abs district until north of Soq ar Rabou’.


5. Al Hudaydah:
Saudi Coalition violating the ceasefire regime in Hudaydah on a daily basis.

Saudi Coalition attacked Tuhayta district, engineering university and Ittihad hotel with mortar shells.

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