Latest Updates on Yemen, 14 April 2019; Ansar Allah Advancing in Moris Front

Sunday, 14 April 2019 - 20:08

Latest news from Lahij, Hajjah, Taiz, Dhale and Hudaydah frontlines.

1. Lahij:
Repelling Saudi Coalition attacks in Al Qabitah area (from three axes of Ayrim, Maghniya and Hamalah) by Ansar Allah and Popular committees.


2. Hajjah:
– AnsarAllah’s artillery attack to Saudi Coalition locations in Ahem triangle and west of it.
– Engagements in Shabakah and east of Nar mountain.


3. Taiz:
– Repelling Saudi Coalition attacks in Madalis front.
– AnsarAllah engaging Saudi Coalition, west of Taiz and some media close to the Coalition reported of retreat in Hazran and Gharab.
– Saudi Coalition media reported Mansoor Hadi controlling Wadi Maqsab, near Barah. AnsarAllah repelled Saudi Coalition attacks, south of Hajdah which planned to cut the road.


4. Dhale’:
AnsarAllah advances in Moris front. In recent days, AnsarAllah and Popular committees advanced in the front and reached Sadrayn camp.


5. Al Hudaydah:
– Ceasefire violating by Saudi Coalition.
– Yesterday and today, Saudi Coalition targeted Hudaydah Airport, Qama hotel, Engineering university, Sheikh village, July 7 neighbourhood, Kilo 16, Tuhayta and Fazah with high caliber guns and mortars.

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