Latest Updates on Palestine, 5 May 2019; Unveiling New Missile Badr 3 + Video

1. Bombing more than 150 points in Gaza strip including 7 residential buildings, 4 houses, Mustafa mosque in Al Shati camp in west of Gaza, 3 blacksmith and carpentry shops in Zaytun and Shajaeiya neighborhood, fishing harbor in Khan Yunis and Rafah, 3 broadcasting centers, 21 educational institutes and 17 watch posts of Resistance by Israeli fighters, drones and tanks.


2. An Israeli is killed and more than 60 injured in Ashkelon due to Resistance rockets.


3. Martyrdom of 25 Palestinians (1 pregnant woman and a 14 months old infant)


4. US Department of State as usual supported Israeli attacks and condemned severely Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s missile attacks.


5. From few hours ago(last night) negotiations has started in Cairo to stop the engagement. It is said, it will be cleared in a few hours if there will be a ceasefire or the battle continues.


6. Al-Quds Brigades,the military branch of Islamic Jihad, unveiled new missile Badr 3.
Al-Quds Brigades said that this missile is used for the first time in the recent engagement and fired toward Ashkelon.


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