Latest Updates on Yemen, 7 May 2019

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 - 06:38

Latest news from Dhale, Baydha and Hajjah frontlines.

1. Baydha:
– Ansar Allah’s operation against al Qaeda’s allies in Zaher district.
According to latest news, Ansar Allah could clear village Habaj and Al Ar mountain. The Pro-Coalition media unveiled before that al Qaeda and ISIS militants in the region used to receive financial support and weapons from Saudi Coalition.
2. Dhale:
Ansar Allah advanced in north of Qatabah and reclaimed Qordih village and southern parts of Naqil al Shim. Engagements in Jamimah mountain are continuinging; the Coalition media proclaimed to reoccupy it.
3. Hajjah:
– Coalition media proclaimed to have control over villages Sabia, Akashiah and Qaem in Abas district, north of Soq ar Rabou.
– AnsarAllah artillery-drone operation in attacking East Center, Jizan south of Saudi Arabia.
– Saudi Coalition media claimed to discover a commercial ship which approached Yemeni western harbors in the last three years which contains Iran’s military weapon.

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