Ansar Allah Qasef K2 Drone Attack to Al Anad Base Still Kills!

Wednesday 29 May 2019 - 09:42

Major-General Naser Barwis of Mansour Hadi’s Army died from wounds received during January’s AnsarAllah Qasef K2 drone attack on the Al-Anad base.

He was transferred to Jeddah for treatment in Saudi Arabia.
On January 10, 2019, Ansar Allah used a Qasef K2 suicide drone to target gathering of the Saudi-led Coalition commanders at Al Anad airbase in Lahij, and at least five senior commanders and high-level personnel in Mansour Hadi’s Army was killed.

In fact, this operation became a presentation for Ansar Allah’s new suicide UAV – Qasef K2. This UAV impacted the situation on the Yemeni battlefield.

Ansar Allah Drone Attack on the Headquarters of the Coalition Forces in Southern Yemen + Video

Intelligence Chief of the Saudi-backed government of Yemen, died after Ansar Allah UAV attack on the Al Anad military base in Lahij.

Mansoor Hadi’s Army Deputy Killed!

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