Revolution in Africa; Power Transfer in Sudan! – Part Two

Author: ISWNews
Saturday 8 June 2019 - 20:59

As mentioned in previous article, unlike wrong news and analyses, evolutions and revolutions are directed by Saudi Arabia and UAE. In Sudan a quasi coup similar to General Al Sisi in Egypt happened and Army and protestors are still struggling.

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According to latest news, African Union suspended Sudan’s membership until transition government is formed, due to civilians’ suppression by Army (more than 100 deaths and 500 injured). Saudi officials said they do not let a civil war to happen while supporting the Army.
On Friday, Abiy Ahmed Ethiopian Prime Minister traveled to Khartoum to mediate between Sudan Army and protestors.
At the moment Sudan’s struggling sides are as follows:
1. Omar Al Bashir fans, 2. Army, 3. Protestors under “Change and Freedom”.
1. Omar Al Bashir fans:
Omar Al Bashir and his supporters in despite of his complaisance to Saudi and UAE do not have any power in Sudan and trying to revive using political means.
2. Army:
The Army after a soft coup and dismissing Omar Al Bashir formed a military council and Abdel Fattah al-Burhan as head and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemedti as deputy.
Al-Burhan is close to Omar Al Bashir and one of two Sudanese commanders in Yemen who gained power under UAE’s and Saudi’s support.

He canceled the negotiations after differences raised with protesters.

Protestors on the other hand questioned eligibility of the military council and resumed their protests.
Hemedti is also commander of Rapid Support Forces and the second element under support of Saudi and UAE and most of Sudanese forces are under his command. Most of Rapid Support Forces are militia who are accused of massacre in Darfur.
With these two persons in military council, Omar Al Bashir with Muslim Brotherhood trends stepped down from power and the power is now controlled by Saudi Coalition.
3. Protestors under “Change and Freedom”:
The coalition of protestors which is entitled Change and Freedom has the support of most of Sudanese people and is using this lever to get political privileges.
Change and Freedom after Al Bashir dismissal, first stabilized its political position and then started the negotiations with military council and now the negotiations of power have reached dead end and civil war is breaking out in the streets.
The disagreements are mainly on power division in the transition government. Army wants half the council and protestors two third of it. The differences intensified after Mecca Summit and Al-Burhan and Bin Salman supported each other resulted in armed struggles.

Sudan is a poor country with long history of civil war and dissociation and considerable oil resources, now caught in coup by Saudi and Nahyan supported Army. “Change and Freedom” on the other hand with liberal and secular idealogies which do not have any plan for Sudan if gain power.

P.S. Rapid Reaction Forces are the most experienced and elite forces of Sudan who fight against Ansar Allah in Yemen. When we say Ansar Allah’s fighting capability is extraordinary, it is not only due to their resistance under all aspect siege, but also their military knowledge and ingenuity in fighting against the most elite and experienced forces in the world from Black Water to ISIS and mercenaries such as Sudan Army.

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