Latest Updates on Yemen, 20 June 2019

Friday, 21 June 2019 - 15:35

Latest news from domesitc engagements between UAE and Saudi backed forces, frontlines situation in Yemen and details of Ansar Allah’s recent missile attack to Jizan and north of Saadah

1. Jizan:
– Last night Ansar Allah launched a cruise missile toward powerplant in Jizan. Saudi officials confirming hitting the target said there was no casualties, only damages.
2. Saadah:
– Firing a Ansar Allah’s missile Badr-F to Saudi Coalition forces gathering in Al Souh(north of Saadah); Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson said the missile hit the target and Saudi’s medic vehicles dispatched to the target were spotted.
– Ansar Allah and Saudi Coalition forces engagement in east of Khoba and near mount Qays.
– Shooting down a Saudi Coalition spying drone over Al Sharafa.
– Clearing heights of Majaza frontlines by Ansar Allah. (Images showing recent engagements in this front).
3. Shabwah:
– Continuation of elite forces of Nukhbat al Shabwaniay engagement with Mansour Hadi’s forces. According to latest updates from either sides, Mansoor Hadi’s forces after repelling forces supported by UAE claimed Ataq town.
Some chiefs of the tribes of Shabwah province requested both sides to ceasefire.
4. Al Hudaydah:
– Ceasefire violation in al Hudaydah and Faza, Durayhimi, villages Koei and Shajan and northern part of Hays bombardment.
5. Baydha:
– Saudi Coalition’s attack repelled in Qaniya front by Ansar Allah after 10 hours of engagement.
6. Taiz:
– AnsarAllah’s operation in Hayfan front against Saudi Coalition.
– Saudi Coalition’s attack repelled in Sale front by Ansar Allah in three directions after 8 hours of engagement.
7. Yemeni Armed Forces requested civilians to be away from military locations and airports in Saudi and UAE, in a statement

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