Latest Updates on Yemen 30 July 2019

Tuesday, 30 July 2019 - 17:00

Latest news from Saadah and Dhale fronts and tribes conflicts with Saudi-led forces in Marib

1- Saadah:
– Imprisonment of more than 40 of Saudi coalition forces in border of Al Daer, western Asir province and Qatabir district by Ansar Allah.(above picture)
– Ansar Allah operation in east of Al Dud mountain led to the dominance of Ansar Allah over Al Qamamah cliff and destroying three military vehicles of coalition.

– Bombardment of administrative buildings of Saadah government by Saudi coalition aircrafts.
2- Abd Al-Fattah Borhan, the head of military council of Sudan, have rejected the news about retreat of Sudanese forces from west coast of Yemen.
He stated that the presence of Sudanese forces in Yemen is an agreement between Sudan and Saudi coalition.
Before this the speaker of Saudi coalition in west coast stated that Sudanese forces have retreated from three regions.
The number of Sudanese forces is not known but the military commanders of Sudan claim that they are prepared to deploy 6000 more Sudanese troops to Yemen.
3- Dhale:
A Saudi coalition attack was repelled and retaking of some regions and heights in Al Azariq by Ansar Allah and popular committees.
4- Marib:
Heavy clashes between tribes of Al Mash’al Abidah and Mansour Hadi forces near the oil rigs of Safer. The oil pipelines of Safer were blocked for some hours by tribe militias.

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