Latest Updates on Conflict Between Southerners and Hadi’s Forces 29 August 2019

Thursday 29 August 2019 - 16:32

ISWNews Analysis Group: Southerners counterattack forced Mansour Hadi to retreat form some parts of Aden and the Zinjibar city.

– Emirati fighters struk the Hadi’s forces positions at eastern gate of Aden.
– Hani Bin Brek released a footage of himself present near Aden airport. Hadi’s forces reject it and call it an old video.
– Al Shobji battalions (from Southerners forces located in Dhale) retreated from their frontlines with Ansar Allah and returned to Aden.
– UAE warplanes struck eastern areas of Aden killing and wounding 25 of Hadi’s forces. Hadi’s forces claims that UAE warplanes attacked them in Abyan province too.
– Summary of Mansour Hadi’s statement on airstrikes and UAE support for the southerners:
We strictly prohibit the receiving and continuing of any financial and military support from the UAE to the legal government (ie the resigned government of Mansour Hadi) and the Southern Transitional Council. We call on the wise leadership of the coalition (ie Saudi Arabia) to help the legal government and prevent these irregularities. We call on the Security Council and the international community to condemn the actions of the UAE.
– Hizam Al Amni forces (backed by UAE) STC forces regained the full control of Zinjibar city.
– Hadi’s forces have not retreated from the Aden coastline and have only retreated from the cities of Aden and Zinjibar due to the airstrikes by the Emirates fighters and the resistance of the southern forces.
– Pro-southern sources have reported the return of Eidros al-Zubaidi to Aden.
In the map, you can see either side’s attacking direction; Mansour Hadi is red and Southerners are blue.

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